The Future is Mexicana

I had a chance to catch up and interview my good friend

Roland “Beatzilla X” Gutierrez of the group Mexicana!

A lot of people think this group just came together. They don’t know the history that you all bring individually. Could you just briefly introduce yourselves and tell us how this ensemble of talent came together?

Beatzilla-X-Ahh Bro… where do I begin (then “The Brady Bunch” theme songs kicks in…) “Here’s The Story, of girl name Machy…she played guitar and sang in a band…” Lol Jk…. but I bet everyone sang the theme song real quick…well, the ones who know how it goes…I’m an old dude lol! But truly Machy, Ryan and I, sat down for a good minute trying to figure out what we can do utilizing all of our backgrounds, not only from the bands we have played in the past but from bands we grew up with…our foundation! Machy was the front girl in the powerhouse band called La Conquista! Ryan, was a drummer for another power band called IH5, and myself, (chingos of bands lol) came from a band called Mi Stereo that got to travel to places I only read about in my History Books…all in all, we did some great damage in the industry, regardless of the genre of music. Somehow, we all clicked and decided to put everything we know in what we call “The Caldo!” We borrowed recipes from each other, and created what is known as “Mexicana and The Monster Squad!!”

Using just three words, how would you describe the group?

Beatzilla-X-If it’s ok to use one word…I’d like to describe us as, “MEXITRONATIVE!”

This group and its sound are nothing any single genre of music has ever experienced. It is a mesh of multiple genres all coming together in an epic Espanol electronic orchestral fusion that simply must be played at the highest volume.

Who is the mastermind behind the sound and how did you all adapt to it?

Beatzilla-X-“Masterminds” would be the only correct answer because we consider ourselves a TEAM. Everything we do is in-house, which is the best ever… we never have to rely on going to this spot for this, and this spot or that, etc…

Let me introduce the team…aka SQUAD…

El Vato Santos – Guitars

J-Rock – Bass/Background Vocals

Ronel – Dj

El Toro Negro – Trumpet/ Background Vocals

Rhino – Drums/Rap/Background Vocals

Beatzilla-X – Keyboards/Rap/Background Vocals

Mexicana – Lead Vocals/Guitar

Taz (aka Ron) – Tech

Vendetta- Photos/ Music Videos

The Dragon Lab & The Lunatik Lab

The debut self-titled album “Mexicana” was a no holds barred introduction that made a statement and solidified you all as that group.

I know you all have been in the lab working hard on that next album.

Can you tell us a little about it?

Beatzilla-X-We’re super close to finishing our sophomore album! Its Night and Day compared to our 1st album, but you’ll know it’s us because we kept our signature foundation sound…we definitely took the risks and challenged ourselves on this one.

What can people expect when they attend a Mexicana concert?

Beatzilla-X-Let me see… the best way I can describe what to expect at one of our shows is that brand new color in the crayon box you’ve never seen before…

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